Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I just want to apologize to any commenters whose comments have not appeared on my site lately.  I've just discovered that a number of legitimate comments were ending up in my spam folder.  I'm so sorry for this, and I've since restored the comments to my site!  Hopefully, your comment will now be appearing on the site, and I'll try to reply to it as soon as I can, but if your comment is still not showing up, you may want to try leaving your comment again.

I do have comment moderation turned on as another way of controlling spam, but I typically deal with those comments promptly so that they appear on my blog as soon as possible.  I have no idea why some comments were ending up in my spam folder (and not even showing up as comments that needed to be moderated), but I will now be checking my spam folder more frequently so that this doesn't happen again.

Again, I am very sorry if your comment was one of the ones that ended up in the spam folder, and hopefully it has been published now!

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