Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Miscellany

I'm writing this month's miscellany earlier than usual (and scheduling it to post on the usual day) because as of September 26, I'm on vacation!  That said, if I miss any essential links in this miscellany, they'll be included in the October miscellany.  Now, onwards!
  • I'm beginning to suspect that I need a new pencil sharpener.  Maybe this Stad T'Gaal pencil sharpener would be the one for me.  Do you have any pencil sharpener recommendations?
  • I've seen this video before, and you may have seen it already too, but I love watching it every time.  I wish I was this good at calligraphy.
  • Angela at Paper Lovestory has recently written about her experiences with minimalism and decluttering.  I also like to keep clutter to a minimum in my environment.  Although I wouldn't describe myself as a minimalist, I can't think clearly if my surroundings are cluttered and lately I have been practicing the habit of clearing off my desk at the end of every day.  It only takes a minute, and it is so nice to sit down to a nice tidy desk the next morning!
  • This looks like a fun project that I would like to try: washi tape pen cups from Azizah.  The pens (and pencils) are starting to stack up on my desk and I should start using a cup or something to keep them together.  Alas, I do not have any washi tape... something that I really should remedy soon.
  • Finally, videos of cats playing with pens - just because.  I usually keep my pens safe from the paws of my cats, but I remember that years ago I used to write while sitting on the couch and then leave my papers and pencil lying there afterwards - and my cat loved to play with my pencil and lose it down the back of the couch.
That's all for this month!  Stay tuned for more posts on my travel journal and I'll be back from my vacation soon!


  1. Thanks for the mention :) Do you have a Target nearby? I got 4 rolls for $4 - not bad! There are some seriously adorable rolls online though... hehe

    1. No Target nearby yet, but there may be one soon as Target is just beginning to move into Canada. I must admit I'm a bit alarmed by how many kinds of washi tape are available online. I'm afraid that once I began buying them I wouldn't be able to stop :)

  2. Hi Heather, couldn't help noticing about the sharpener, and since I just posted about an Indian sharpener, I thought you should know, Given you don't use much of pencils, perhaps a simple long point plastic sharpener would do the trick for you?

    1. I'm quite ignorant when it comes to sharpeners; I think I'll have to try some different ones before I know which I'll prefer. But I have acquired a Staedtler pencil sharpener recently, which I'll review sometime in the coming months.


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