Friday, October 19, 2012

From the Gluebook Journal: Collage Tree

"Collage Tree."  Collage using scrap papers in spiral-bound sketchbook.

It has been ages since I last showed you a page from one of my art journals.  Part of the reason is that I simply haven't been working in either of my art journals - my sketchbook journal or my gluebook journal - very much lately.  In June and July I worked on ICAD and created an index card a day, in August and September I started practicing drawing more with Danny Gregory's EDM Challenge, and finally at the end of September and the beginning of October I went travelling and kept a travel journal.  But with all of that my regular art journals have been sadly neglected.  Also, I am planning to start a new art journal soon, which means that my old gluebook journal (which I have actually been working in off and on since 2010 - it began its life as my  scrapbook journal) has lost some of its interest.  My gluebook is a collage-only journal, and I must admit that I am beginning to get tired of limiting myself to collage and I am looking forward to bringing out my acrylic paints and other supplies again!

That said, this page is probably one of my art journal pages ever.  For some reason, I felt like creating a tree out of scraps of paper (and, oddly enough, I have a vague memory of doing something similar in elementary school many years ago).  I thought that the end result would either look awesome or totally dorky, and luckily this page turned out more awesome than dorky.  The leaves took me a while to cut out; I used every bit of green paper that I could find, and kept going until I had cut three leaves from every piece.  This page is way different from the other pages in this journal (most of which are rather square and boring), and I absolutely love it!  For a few weeks after I made this page I displayed it beside my bulletin board in the library so that I could admire it every day.  I hope you like it as well...


  1. I did something like this in grammar school, too!

    I love collage, but never do it anymore... well, unless you count some of the collage-like effects I create at work (I write proposals for public work and have to put all sorts of weird pieces together in Illustrator and PhotoShop!).

    1. That's funny that you remember doing this in school, too! I've never done much digital collage, but that's something I wouldn't mind learning more about. I've been doing paper collage for quite a few years now, but I seem to be moving away from it a bit now.


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