Monday, October 29, 2012

My Sticker Collection

Ever since Azizah shared part of her sticker collection earlier this year, I've been wanting to do the same.  I've always collected stickers, although I only have a fraction of the numbers that I used to have.  When I was in elementary school, I had a sticker album full of stickers, and at least two other books filled as well.  I no longer have those albums, and I've used up most of the loose stickers that I used to have, but I still have a few stickers that I've acquired - and somehow more stickers keep appearing in my desk.

Here's my current collection.  (For some reason a lot of my stickers have flowers and butterflies on them and may look rather excessively girly.  I do love flowers and butterflies, but in much more of a naturalist/scientist sense (I studied biology and ecology in university), so please don't judge me wrongly for this!)

My sticker collection!  Click to see larger.
  1. Stickers that come in the mail from various charities when they are soliciting donations.  Most people probably just throw these away, but family members usually pass them on to me.
  2. Metallic star stickers.  I had a craving for these earlier this year and couldn't rest until I had finally located some.  Now, I can give myself a gold star (or a blue, red, silver, or green star) whenever I feel like it.
  3. JetPens sticker that was included when I bought my green Lamy Safari.  Kind of cute, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it.
  4. Completely random stickers that I picked up from the thrift store just the other day.  I haven't used any of these yet.
  5. Sticker booklet: Old-Time Mini Butterflies Stickers by Maggie Kate.  Did you ever collect these sticker booklets published by Dover?  I used to have quite a few of them, but this is the only one I have left.
  6. Sandylion Essentials stickers with a "fall leaves" theme.  These are three-dimensional paper stickers, and I've actually never yet taken them out of the package.  But I will one day, don't worry...
  7. Mrs. Grossman's stickers in "Bitsy Butterflies" and "Micro Butterflies".  I got these ones at the thrift store as well.
  8. Spring-themed stickers.  This is the last page of what was once an entire booklet of spring-themed stickers that I've had for literally FOREVER.  Some of them are a bit excessively cute, but I have to keep them for old time's sake.
  9. Butterfly stickers.  I told you that I had a lot of butterflies.  These ones come loose and are very sparkly but feature fairly realistic patterns and colours.
  10. Puffy smiley-face star stickers.
  11. Fabric flower stickers.  All of these last three were given to me by my mom.  When I was at university she would send me a card every week that would have some of these tucked into it.

That's all for my sticker collection!  Not too many, as you can see, but most of them are ones that I really like using.  I use them in cards, on journal pages, on the covers of notebooks, and wherever else I feel like it.

Do you collect stickers?  What do you use your stickers for?


  1. I have a collection too. I collect from where ever I see interesting ones. The charity mailings are a good source I agree! Use them when I think of them on letters and definitely for Valentine cards I mail to friends and family.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Haley! Interesting stickers do seem to appear in unexpected places. I have hardly ever actually sought out any of my stickers; most just seem to come to me.


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