Monday, November 5, 2012

Recent Acquisitions: Pens and a Pair of Pencils

I like to do occasional posts showing you the items that I've recently acquired.  This batch of items consists of a bunch of pens, as well as a highlighter and a couple of intriguing pencils.

From top to bottom:
  • Staedtler Textsurfer Classic highlighter in green - I've been wanting one of these highlighters for ages (despite the fact that I rarely use highlighters) and finally I gave in and bought myself one.
  • Pilot FriXion Point 04 erasable gel pen in green - These pens are among my favourites, and I'm slowly adding to the colours that I have.  Because they are erasable, I use them for writing in my planner.  I also really like their muted, somewhat greyish colours - although that is actually a reason why some people don't like these pens.
  • Sakura Gelly Roll Gold Shadow in green and Silver Shadow in blue - I don't use Gelly Rolls that often, but I do like trying out all of the different varieties.
  • Platinum Preppy highlighter in green
  • Platinum Preppy medium-nib fountain pen in blue black
  • Pilot Varsity fountain pen in red
  • Pentel Pulaman fountain pen in black - These last four pens I received in a recent giveaway over at Pentorium (which is a great blog that you should check out, by the way).  Entrants had to answer the question of, "If you had $5.00 to spend, what would you get from JetPens and why?"  I put quite a bit of thought into my answer, and because I think it was pretty awesome (and Jono and Charlotte apparently agreed!), I'm going to share it here as well:
"Hmm, 5 dollars isn’t much… but if I had to choose, I would say the smallest Rhodia Pad (2 by 3 inches, for $1.60) because Rhodia paper is always awesome and I will need some good paper to use with all the great pens in your giveaway, and a Rhodia wooden pencil ($1.90) because I’ve always wanted one and because I should have a pencil as well as some pens, and finally a Seed Anatas Eraser because I’ll need an eraser to go with my pencil and because it looks cool and because it costs exactly $1.50, which is all that I have left at this point. All of that adds up to exactly $5.00. And I haven’t included any pens because if I win your giveaway then I won’t need any more pens! Well, not for a few days, anyway…"
I'll be reviewing some of these pens in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for that!

Along with all those pens, I also recently picked up these two pencils at the thrift store.  Neither pencil has ever been used, and both were in with a whole bunch of kid's novelty pencils.  These were the only two interesting ones.  The top pencil is an Eagle Mirado made in Canada, and it seems vaguely familiar to me, so I think I must have seen some around when I was younger.  The bottom pencil is the one that I find the most interesting.  It is a General's "Blue Boy" Carbo Weld #909 made in the U.S.A.  I've heard of General's pencils, but I have absolute no idea what "carbo weld" means and I can't seem to find any information about this pencil on the Internet.  Does anyone know anything more about it?  It looks like an intriguing pencil and I'd love to know more about it, especially about when it was likely made.  And if you know more about the Eagle Mirado, feel free to share that information as well!

So what new pencils and pens have you acquired lately?


  1. I looove recent acquisitions posts! I'm always so curious what other people like and what they pick and such. Call me crazy! I'm very curious about the Pente Pulaman fountain pen in particular.

    1. Thanks, Azizah! I'm always curious to see what supplies other people choose as well. Or maybe it's just nosy...

      The Pentel Pulaman is a very curious pen, and I will be reviewing it in a while. I haven't used it too much yet, but so far it seems to resemble a combination of a fountain pen and a felt tip pen. It has a plastic nib that doesn't really even look like a fountain pen nib. It's a rather odd pen, but fairly good to write with so far!

  2. Heather, the Pentel Pulaman, which I like, makes me think of the one-eyed, three-legged dog that you keep kicking while it keeps loving you right back:) I've yet to see an unqualified rave review. Still, I think people like it, unusual nib and all.

    The General's "carbo weld" has me stumped. Jack/Ohio

    1. I'm generally liking the Pulaman as well so far, although it continues to puzzle me and I do want to use it for a while yet before I write my review.

      I've also been getting more and more curious about the General's pencil, simply because there is so little about it online. I may do some further research to try to find out more and I will write a follow-up post if I am successful.

  3. Hi Heather, I have also bought the Platinum Preppy and other that is something rare to obtain, Stabilo Sensor: a nice pen for small which is ideal for small journals.

    1. Armando, the Platinum Preppy is a great fountain pen. I hope you like yours! I used a Stabilo Sensor quite a few years ago, but because it was before I was really into pens like I am now, I can't really remember much about it!


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