Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Art Journals Rediscovered: Collage Journal

Throughout the roughly four years that I've been keeping art journals, I've kept both the more "traditional" mixed-media journals as well as a series of collage-only journals that I call collage journals, scrapbooks, or simply gluebooks.  The rules are simple: collage and pen work only, no paint.  I have kept these journals partly to challenge myself (to see what I can make with limited materials) and partly to use up all the paper scraps that I keep accumulating - although somehow the amount of papers and ephemera that I have stored away never seems to really decrease!

I kept this collage journal from 2009 to 2010, and on the pages shown here, I used graph paper, wrapping paper, dollhouse wallpaper, magazine cutouts, stickers, and some of my own recycled doodles that I cut out and glued in.  I also added details with gel pens.  The theme of this page spread is, obviously, gardens.  This page still appeals to me today because of its colours and imagery, most of which I still find myself using (in various incarnations) today.  Inspiration from nature has been one of the most consistent themes in my work over the years.  I also love this page today because of its colourful exuberance - something that I think I lost for a while but may be getting back now.

What images and themes repeat themselves on your art journal pages, or in your written journal?

Other pages from this journal: Old Art Journal Pages, Exploring Colour: Collages

Old Art Journals Rediscovered is a series of posts dedicated to rediscovering the art journals that I have created over the past four years. In each post, I will introduce you to one of my old art journals, and share with you one page spread from that journal - not the page spread that is the prettiest or the fanciest, but the one that speaks most clearly to me today. I hope that by sharing with you the evolution of my own art journals, you will feel inspired to start your own explorations with art.


  1. What a fun idea for a blog series. I love looking in old art journals too!

    1. Thanks, iHanna! Some of my art journals I hadn't looked at for years, so I really wanted to show them some appreciation again - even if my style has changed a lot since then.

  2. Most of my journals are like this! I have 3 or 4 of them going at once, each with a different theme. I made a list here on the subreddit I created. Too lazy to re-type, LOL.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Ariane! I like how each of your journals has a very specific theme. The one for story ideas is especially interesting to me, as I was actually thinking of creating a similar collection of images for the novel that I'm currently writing.


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