Thursday, January 17, 2013

Avery Removable Label Pad

One thing that I would like to do this year is review more items that are not pens or notebooks.  Perhaps as a way of beginning that, the item I'm reviewing today is this Avery Removable Label Pad.  This pad includes adhesive paper labels attached to a single card backing.  The labels are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles.  I'm reviewing a sample pack that includes 15 1" by 3" labels in three different designs: fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, and white with a red border.

The clever thing about these labels is that, while the entire back of each label is adhesive, each label also includes a non-adhesive tab on one end.  This tab is perforated so that you can leave it on to make it easier to remove the label later, or you can tear it off for a neater look and to make the label a bit more permanent. This perforation works very well, and I only needed to fold it over once to tear it off very neatly:

So, how well do these labels work?

Here is the white and red label on the paper cover of my Banditapple Carnet notebook, which I'm using as a book journal:

The label initially attached very cleanly and - apparently - securely, but I noticed afterwards that the label was beginning to peel off on the left side.  That's not good.

And here is the green label on the glass jar that I'm currently using as a pen cup (I didn't remove the tab in this case because I don't really want a label on my pen cup - I just wanted to try it there for the purposes of this review):

In this case, I attached the label to the glass jar, then removed it and attached it to the cover of my notebook, where it attached securely, with no peeling off at the ends.  I think the first label peeled off at the end because of the way I removed it from the pad.  As the label is removed from the pad, it curls up and that curl can remain even after you attach it to a surface.

Finally, here is a mini writing sample on one of the labels:

Paper quality is not a major issue with an item like this (most people will probably just use a Sharpie or a similar marker to write on these labels), but since we're all paper-obsessed here anyway, I thought I might as well do a quick test.  The results?  All of the pens I used worked, but they did not feel as smooth-writing on this paper as they do on normal paper, and the gel pens took a lot longer to dry - I would guess that both of these issues might be do to this paper being slightly less porous than normal writing paper?

Overall, I really like the look of these labels and the idea of the perforated tab.  However, I was not pleased that the first label I used did not stick completely but persisted in peeling off at the end.  I don't use labels very often, and I'm not sure if I would buy these for myself because of that.  If you do use them, remove them from the pad carefully and hopefully you will not encounter that problem.

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**Disclaimer: This label pad was sent to me as a free sample from Avery, but all of my opinions are my own!


  1. I like it. I've been looking for something more convenient to place on notebooks for a long time but haven't' seen anything I've liked quite so much. I might have to give it a trial run myself.

    Visions of Other Worlds

    1. Good luck with it, Jessica! These really are nice-looking labels, they just need to be a bit stickier to counteract the peeling off / curling up issue.

  2. I bought some of those but was using them at work. I'll bring them home. One thing I've been using lately for labels on containers and also in my notebooks and journals is Japanese Washi tape. It is paper tape, very sticky that comes off if you want it to. I'm using Staedtler markers on them because others just rub off or don't show up well. Sorry out the anonymous, my name is Dottie.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dottie! I really do want some washi tape - it has so many potential uses. I'm trying to find some in a local store so I can check it out in person before I buy it, but I may have to buy it online.

    2. If you can buy them online, they can be insanely cheap and its more convenient. I found some here for ~ $2

      I might just pick some up for myself!


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