Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Old Art Journals Rediscovered: Demo Journal

Around the end of 2009, I was looking for ways to re-invigorate my art journal practice.  I found a great series of very detailed videos by Teesha Moore that were just perfect (see links at the end of this blog post) and I created this journal to demonstrate on my blog the very techniques that I was learning through Teesha's videos.  The book I used for this journal was also one of the very first books that I made and bound myself.  It is a very simple single-signature pamphlet that I made with only three sheets of watercolour paper, and the entire journal has only five page spreads, all of which I've shared on this blog before.

My favourite page spread in this journal is still by the far the first spread of this book.  The colours (greens, browns) and shapes (circles, leaves) on this page are ones that still appeal to me and that I still love to use.  The techniques that I first began to learn and explore on the pages in this journal are ones that I used again and again over the coming years.  I'm currently moving away from these kinds of complex, multi-layered journal pages, but I still love to remember the hours and days I spent adding more and more details to these pages, slowly building up layer after layer.  Many thanks to Teesha Moore for providing the videos that were the inspiration for this journal.

Which artists and teachers have had an influence on you and your work?

Links to Teesha Moore's art journal videos:

Other pages from this journal: Early in the Morning, Dark Wings, Winter, What Have I to Give


Old Art Journals Rediscovered is a series of posts dedicated to rediscovering the art journals that I have created over the past four years. In each post, I will introduce you to one of my old art journals, and share with you one page spread from that journal - not the page spread that is the prettiest or the fanciest, but the one that speaks most clearly to me today. I hope that by sharing with you the evolution of my own art journals, you will feel inspired to start your own explorations with art.


  1. I really like this one. Green and turquoise are also my favorite colors along with a well liked quote. I'm new to your blog and have been enjoying looking at your pages and reading your comments.

    1. Thank you, Lee! Even though it's been over four years since I made this page, it's still one of my favourites as well.


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