Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Miscellany: Blog Updates, Postcards, Pencils

Once again, it is the end of the month, which means that it is time for monthly miscellany!
  • First of all, some blog updates: I've added two new pages to this blog.  The Creativity page is an illustrated index to all of my posts on art journals, sketching, mandalas, writing, and more.  Check it out if you're interested.  The second page is on Productivity, and, while there's not much there yet, this is a topic that I am very interested in right now and that I'll probably be writing about more in the future.  If I make any major changes to any of these pages, I'll let you know!
  • I loved Kayte's story of how she got caught up into the world of pens.  This post really reminded me of why I love blogging and how great the community of stationery bloggers is.  My commenters are amazingly supportive and helpful, and posts such as The Pen Addict's "Ink Links" and similar posts on other blogs help beginning bloggers get noticed.  Although I sometimes thinking about letting this blog go to give myself more time for other projects, I'm still enjoying it too much to do that.
  • I have been watching the millenia mail art project develop over the last few months, and Roben-Marie has recently posted the completed postcards.  Very inspiring!  Six postcards and six artists, and the result are surely much more than the sum of their parts.  I would love to participate in a project like that one day.
  • Stationery Traffic writes about pencils and music, a post that brought back memories of my days in the high school band.  I played flute for six years in elementary school and high school, and a pencil was an essential item in my instrument case as well - even though I just used a boring Bic mechanical pencil back then.
  • I also love Shangching's travel kit of fountain pens, notebooks, and stamps.  I like how all of the different pieces seem to go together so well.  You can also check out my travel journal supplies that I took with me on a trip last fall.  In retrospect, it seems like more supplies than I probably needed, and I'd do things differently now - too bad I don't go on very many trips!
  • I enjoyed watching this video of seven days in an art journal.  I like the idea of adding to a page over several days rather than completing it in one sitting.  It's a much less intimidating way of keeping a journal, I think.
  • Finally, these sculptures of birds and other animals are just amazing.  I can hardly believe that they're made of paper.

That's all for this month!  As always, stay tuned, because I have new posts coming up next month, including the much-anticipated shades of brown.


  1. Yeyyyy! That is so nice of you to mention me! So glad you liked it. I love everyone in this little "world"!

    1. Thank you as well, Kayte! I thought it was a great post, and I wanted to share it around!


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