Friday, May 31, 2013

May Miscellany: Calligraphy, Sketches, Fountain Pens

How was your May?  It ended up being a surprisingly productive month for me.  I did a lot of prioritizing to identify my most important tasks to work on, and tamed my unruly to-do list so I could get more done.  Here are some links I've been enjoying lately:
  • If you're even slightly interested in calligraphy, you have to check out this gorgeous video.  The artist is using a Pilot Parallel pen in the video, and now I really want one of those pens as well!
  • Michelle shares some more lovely sketches of art supplies in her post on sketching from life.  For some reason, sketches of small, ordinary household items and art supplies really appeal to me.  I'm not sure why, but I have to start sketching again.
  • Mary reviews and swaps out nibs in the 2013 limited edition neon yellow Lamy Safari.  This pen would probably look nice next to my 2012 limited edition green Safari, but I don't think I'm really into neon.  The standard yellow Safari would probably be more my style.
  • Here's a useful time management tip to tame your to-do list: organizing tasks by effort.  My to-do list tends to be HUGE, and it can get overwhelming, so I've started doing a variation on this to identify the most important tasks.  I'll probably write a complete post about this at some point.
  • I love this piece of circular artwork by Alisa Burke.  I like how she placed the main design slightly off-centre.  It makes the end result look more interesting than it would if it were perfectly symmetrical.
  • Cole reviews the Pentel Pulaman "fountain pen" and ends up liking it, even though she is confused about what it really is.  Not a fountain pen, not a felt pen, but something else altogether...  I reviewed the Pentel Pulaman last December and I was also confused by it, even though it has become one of my new favourite pens.
  • Finally, No Pen Intended has returned!  This is one of my favourite pen blogs and one that you should check out as well if you don't really follow it.  The author has a great sense of humour, and every review includes her awesome sketches.  Her most recent review is of the Uni-ball Signo BLX gel pens - pens that I would probably love if only they came in 0.5mm.
That's all for this month!  Stay tuned for new posts in June, including a new pencil review!


  1. Thanks for all of the great links. I did watch that video, it's mesmerizing.

  2. Ditto, Jackie, on the calligraphy video. The Pilot Parallel pen is extraordinary in the right hands. I almost talked myself into buying one, until I realized I have no calligraphy skill, nor any interest in cultivating that skill. Jack/Ohio


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