Friday, May 10, 2013

Sharpie Accent Highlighter

I've had this highlighter for years.  I originally received it as part of a welcome pack of freebies in my first year of university, which was... getting to be a while ago now.  So this highlighter certainly has held up well over the years, other than having some of the paint wearing off the barrel from general wear and tear.

The Sharpie Accent highlighter must still be popular today, because a quick search turned up a number of different styles.  The one I'm reviewing here is the Pocket model, and it is a fairly basic pen-style highlighter with a chisel tip.  It's a basic design.  Unlike some highlighters, it will fit easily into a pen case, which may be a plus for some users.  I like the combination of translucent and opaque plastic on the cap, but other than that, there's nothing too exciting here.  Let's move on...

Highlighting in a textbook.

The chisel tip still holds a point firmly after all these years, and has not turned mushy, so that is good.  I am not sure whether or not this particular aqua colour is still available.  If not, I wouldn't be upset, because I have always found that this colour is simply too dark for me to use for highlighting.  It appears lighter on the smooth paper of the textbook (see above), but on ordinary paper it looks darker.  Because of that, I've hardly ever used this highlighter as a highlighter (which is probably part of why it's lasted so long).  I currently use it for bold, bright check marks for completed tasks in my planner.  If I ever was to buy another of these highlighters, I'd probably steer clear of the darker colours and opt for a lighter shade.

The Sharpie Accent highlighter performed way better in the tests than I had expected.  For some reason, I thought that it always smeared ink, but that was not the case at all.  I let the ink from the pens dry for 5 to 10 minutes, then swiped the highlighter over top.  The 0.7mm gel pen smeared slightly, but everything else was perfect.  It also didn't smear the page printed on my inkjet printer (see below).  However, I think that these last two photos do show better how dark this highlighter's ink is.  I can still read through it, but for me, it's just too dark.

Overall, the Sharpie Accent highlighter is a better highlighter than I thought it was.  It's safe to use with most inks, although if you don't like dark highlighters, you may want to choose the lighter ink colours.  Or just use it in textbooks.  It's not a particularly exciting highlighter, and, while I doubt that I would seek out another one, it still gets the job done.

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  1. I really like Sharpie highlighters. I've finished my studies (for now!), so I have no need for them, but I still like having a tinker every now and then!

    1. I'm probably in a similar situation, Millie. I don't really need any kind of highlighter right now, but I like having a few around anyway. Just in case :)

  2. Thanks for the review! This is my favorite highlighter ever, and the pink and yellow ones were my BFFs through law school. I still have a ton of 'em. I relied on these so much that I got a little OCD in the "making sure I always had enough department". LOL. When I need a highlighter and I can't find one of these, I begin to have a mini-anxiety attack. Just kidding...sort of. ;-) There is always one at the bottom of my purse. My favorite part about this particular highlighter is that it is a little bit more slender and agile than the big tank highlighters; the chisel fine lining tip leaves a nice clean line (I always use the chisel tip, not the fat side); and, it strikes the perfect balance by not laying down too much liquid onto the paper. To me, it's like the Goldilocks of highlighters: it's just right. Glad to meet another Sharpie accent fan!

    1. Thanks for the comment as well, kp! As I said in my review, I was actually surprised by how good this highlighter was. I like the slender part of it as well, and I agree, the fine tip makes a nice line. That's the part I usually use of it too, when I check things off in my planner.


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