Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Miscellany: Hand-Lettering, Index Cards, Tiny Notebooks

I can hardly believe that the year is half over already.  Amazing.  June was a busy month for me, but as I've been fine-tuning my productivity system, I feel like I'm becoming more productive and getting more done.  Here are some links for this month:

  • Check out this awesome step-by-step guide to hand-lettering from Sean Wes.  I haven't been that interested in hand-lettering in the past, but reading through this guide makes me want to give it a try.
  • Here's a lovely video demonstration of drawing with watercolour pencils kindly recommended to me by reader Tina.  Check it out if you're interested in learning more about how to use watercolour pencils, or if you just want to be amazed by someone's artistic skills.  You can also read my earlier post on how I use my watercolour pencils.
  • I also love Tina's mini watercolour kit in a mint tin.  A couple of years ago I had a mild obsession with anything created in a mint tin, and I'd love to create a kit like this for myself one day.
  • Another video: this one's from iHanna on creating a collaged and painted index card.  I love creating art on index cards; it's such an easy and un-intimidating way to explore different mediums and methods.  Hanna created this video for Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-a-Day (ICAD) 2013 challenge.  I participated in ICAD last year, but I have so many projects on the go now I decided not to do so again this year.  Check out my index cards from last year.
  • Clement Dionglay from Rants of the Archer has reviewed the 2013 limited edition neon Lamy Safari.  Her reviews are always well-written and well-photographed and this one is no exception.  And her collection of Safaris (shown near the end of the post) is gorgeous.
  • I am in love with Azizah's collection of sparkles and stamps.  Never mind that I probably wouldn't get very much use out of either item.  I actually think I'm in love with almost all of Azizah's collections, from her pens to her inks to her notebooks.  Her collections make my collections look very sad.
  • Check out the Memorandum Card, the world's tiniest notebook.  This looks like the perfect size for a notebook to slip into my pocket (or wallet) for any of those stray thoughts that need to be written down.

That's all for this month!  As always, stay tuned for next month's posts and reviews!  I have another eraser review coming up, and I'll be checking out a new brush pen and (maybe) sharing with you some pages from my latest art journal.


  1. LOL!! Oh you crack me up. I still haven't used my sparkles much... the mess they make is a little intimidating. Stamps are much easier :)

    1. If I had them, I probably wouldn't even use them. Just sit them on a shelf and admire them. I'm kind of crazy that way. So the mess wouldn't be a problem. But stamps would be fun!

  2. I may get the Memorandum Card memo book. Bit compromised in my opinion--thin paper compressed and deformed by body weight, etc. But I never underestimate the Japanese capacity to cultivate "micro-markets" that others ignore. I already carry 2" X 3" slips of card stock in my wallet. Jack/Ohio

    1. That kind of notebook for me would mostly be for writing down quick, rough notes, with whatever kind of writing utensil I could find, probably just a pencil or a ballpoint, so paper quality wouldn't be as important to me in a notebook like that as it would in a "real" notebook. I probably won't be getting one of these any time soon, but maybe one day I will try one out.

  3. Yeah, it's not a must-have. Plus, my card stock slips are maybe a tenth the price of the Midori. The reviewer also rates knives for backpacking. Some folks may want a knife to round out their office rig. I'll toss out a few names: craft knives by X-Acto and Olfa, single-blade knives by Case and Opinel, multi-tools by Victorinox and Leatherman. I once used an old scalpel I'd scrounged somewhere.

    I've heard of cigarette papers used for writing when nothing else was available, but that's way out of my skill set. Nice miscellany, Heather. Jack/Ohio


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