Friday, August 16, 2013

Link Love: 5 Popular Posts from My Blog

For the month of August I've decided to participate in Daisy Yellow's mission to share the link love.  Each Friday in August has a different theme of links to share.  This Friday is popular posts from your blog.  The five most popular posts on A Penchant for Paper so far this year are:

  1. How Small Can You Write? - I've always had small handwriting, ever since high school when my friends and I would compete to see who could write the smallest.  I usually don't write quite as small as I did in this post though!
  2. Rhodia Pencil - I continue exploring different wooden pencils.  This one looks great, but I'm not sure about how it writes.  I think it may be a pencil that I'll be more comfortable using for sketching.
  3. Handwritten Post: The Story of My Pen and Paper Addiction - Yes, there's a story behind it, as there is behind most things.  And this is also my first (so far, only) handwritten post.
  4. Laurentien Coloured Pencils - These pencil crayons are classics for many Canadians, as they are for myself.  Judging from the comments I've received on this post, there's still a lot of love out there for them.
  5. My Productivity System - For me, having some kind of productivity system in place is essential for me to get more done, and, ultimately, be more creative.  I've added some refinements since I wrote this post, but these are the basics.

I always enjoy looking at the top posts on my blog; if you're a blogger yourself, you probably know that it's hard to predict which posts will become the most popular.  Some posts that I expect will receive many comments and views get relatively little notice, while others that I quickly dash off and don't think much of end up in lists like these...

If you enjoyed this post, you can also check out my top posts of 2012.

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  1. Fun posts:) As another pen and paper addict, I can see myself getting lost here!


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