Monday, September 30, 2013

September Miscellany: Collages, Travel Kits, Pencils

Is it the end of September already?  I'm afraid it is.  It was a busy month for me: I was away from home for a third of the month on different trips, so I was unable to spend as much time with this blog as I have in past months.  To (somewhat) make up for it, here's an extra-long selection of links for you!

  • In week 30 of her 365 collages project, iHanna made collages out of daily ephemera - post-it notes, to-do lists, and other scraps of paper that most of us probably throw away.  I think this is a great idea: it's a form of recycling, you don't have to worry about using copyrighted material, and the collages look awesome.  I'm going to have to try this myself...
  • Amazingly beautiful pencils: pencil talk shares four pencils from Caran d'Ache made from four different exotic woods (and the full series of eight).  Seriously, these are beautiful.  Any readers who don't like wooden pencils should just go over and take a look at these.
  • Wayne Wolfson's art travel kit shared at Rhodia Drive - I love seeing what people choose to bring with them in their travel kits.  I think it shows well what someone's favourite, most-used items really are.
  • Also check out Daisy Yellow's art travel kit in #18 of her Daily Paper Prompts series.  I'm especially fond of her washi tape covered mint tin to hold tiny scraps of ephemera.  I made a travel kit of my own last year, but I wasn't entirely satisfied with it.  I need to make another one.
  • Jenny Frith shares a flip-through video of her gratitude journal.  I love the idea of a sketchbook gratitude journal, and Jenny's pages are always awesome.
  • Another one of my readers has started her own blog!  It's called Windi's Musings and she's writing all of her posts by hand, which is something I admire but would probably never do myself (because most of the time my handwriting exists on a slippery slope between relatively neat and completely unreadable, and can easily degenerate from the former into the latter).
  • I'm currently fascinated by the idea of the stapled collage - a creation by Lauren Bergold that is a collage held together by just one staple.  You can read about the idea here and see the deconstruction of her stapled collage here (I also have to add that I love all the wonderful papers she used for this project). A neat idea, and one I may have to try, although I don't know if my mini stapler would be able to staple through all those layers of paper.
  • Finally, Mary reviews all three Pilot Petit pens - the fountain, sign, and brush pens.  Very cute and colourful pens, but I'm still disappointed that Pilot discontinued my favourite dark green from the available colours.

That's all for this month.  See you in October!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Heather! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I took your suggestions and now my blog is easier on the eyes. Thanks again for everything!

    1. I'm glad my suggestions were helpful for you :) Good luck with your blog!


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