Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Miscellany: Travel, Automatons, Washi Tape

Here are some links for this month's miscellany:

  • I've updated my index of pen, pencil, and paper reviews.  This used to be on two separate pages, one for pens and one for paper, but as I've started writing more reviews of other items, such as pencils and bottled inks, I thought it would be simpler to group it all onto one page, organized by category.  Feel free to browse this page and look through some of my older reviews!
  • Mike Dudek reviews the Lamy Vista fountain pen.  I have a suspicion that my next fountain pen is going to be a demonstrator.  Maybe not this Lamy, because I would like try some different brands, but... the Vista is a nice-looking pen.  And Mike's reviews are always great.
  • Quinn McDonald offers a few tips for travelling with art supplies.  When I travel, it's usually by RV, so I don't have as many limitations to the stuff I carry with me, but these are still some very useful tips that I will probably be able to make use of one day.
  • I don't usually write about letters or mail art here, but some of the things I love are vintage letters and postcards, such as this appealing pair.  This post also reminds me that I have some vintage stamps and postcards that I should share on here one day.
  • A wonderfully lengthy and detailed post from Daisy Yellow on organizing gouache and watercolour paints.  I love this kind of organization; it's obsessive and geeky and very fun.  I don't own any tubed paints, but when/if I do, I will do this!
  • I saw the movie Hugo last year (aside: I rarely see movies, so whenever I do, it is a Big Event), and I was fascinated by the automaton that played a major role in the plot.  Well, here is a video of a real-life automaton that I think is even neater than the one in the movie.  The attention to detail is amazing: his handwriting is beautiful as well as readable, and I love how even his head and eyes move to follow the motion of his hand.
  • Angela shares a neat idea for covering notebook spines with washi tape.  Not only does this make your notebooks look nice on the shelf, I think you could also write on the washi tape to label your notebooks if you didn't want to write on the notebook itself.  I'm rather embarrassed that I still don't own any washi tape, but this is yet another reason for me to buy some!
  • Finally, I'm loving the pages from Mary Ann Moss's Amsterdam sketchbook.  Her pages always make me want to travel just so I can have an excuse to keep a travel journal.

What have you been enjoying reading about lately?

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