Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pencil Review: PaperMate Earth Write HB

In my quest to discover more wooden pencils, I recently stumbled across the PaperMate Earth Write pencil in HB.  Unlike the other wooden pencils I have reviewed here, the PaperMate Earth Write is made from 100% recycled wood, making it an option if you're looking for a slightly more environmentally friendly pencil.  Although I think it's mostly an average quality pencil, I do have some mixed feelings about it.

The lead of the Earth Write is nice and dark, and, while it feels slightly scratchy on the page, I prefer a scratchier pencil for writing, so this doesn't bother me.  I  feel that the tip of this pencil started to wear down a bit fast for an HB pencil, but it's not a major issue; this pencil might be on the softer side of HB.  It also smudges very easily, which isn't great for writing.  Many of this qualities make the Earth Write better for sketching, but even there I feel that it might smudge a bit too easily.

The Earth Write is hexagonal, but it feels (to my hand) slightly narrower and the corners feel sharper than I'm used to, making it more uncomfortable to use.  It's also medium green, a suitable colour for a pencil that is claiming to be more eco-friendly, with silver lettering, .  I'm not sure what recycled wood is, but it still smells like cedar.  The green eraser is a nice touch, and actually worked very well, erasing even this darker lead cleanly.  And somehow the green eraser dust amused me far more than it should have.

Overall, the PaperMate Earth Write is not going to be one of my favourite pencils, although there are some things I like about it.  However, if you're looking for a basic pencil that you're not going to be too fussy about, you might as well choose one like this that's going to be a bit kinder to the environment.  I think that this would also be a decent pencil to get your kids for school.


  1. There's a round black version they call the "premium" edition that is very nice. It's got a smoother lead to boot. They should name them something very different. :) I'd be glad to send you some if you'd like.

    1. That one does sound nice. I also love the look of the green on black lettering!

  2. I dare you to name anything more sweet than a sheet of plain paper and a number 2 pencil :) This is all a creative person needs to keep boredom at bay.
    Your blog is so fresh and wonderful.
    Glad to meet you, Connie :)

    1. Thank you so much, Connie! And, of course, that is very true... though something I think I should remind myself of more often :)


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