Monday, January 27, 2014

From the Archives: Pens

I started A Penchant for Paper because I wanted to review pens.  I had always loved pens and stationery, but then in early 2009 I discovered The Pen Addict and a few other blogs.  At first, I thought these people were crazy (I mean, who reviews pens?), then I realized that I wanted to do it too (but of course, I'm probably a bit crazy myself...).  I originally considered naming this blog A Penchant for Pens, but I changed my mind because I thought A Penchant for Paper would embrace a wider variety of topics, such as notebooks and art journals.  I've written about different topics here over the years, but paper remains the focus and I've probably written more pen reviews than I have anything else.

Here are a few of my best pen reviews and posts:
  1. First Fountain Pen: Platinum Preppy (June 2010): It may have been the first, but it's still one of my favourite pens.  Give it a try if you're not yet sure about fountain pens.
  2. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Green Body + Fine Nib (August 2012): This was what I got when I decided to graduate from "disposable" fountain pens to the real thing.  Another favourite.
  3. Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38mm Green Black (May 2010): Although fountain pens are nice, fine-point gel pens like the Signo DX are part of why I started this blog.  The sub-0.5mm world isn't for everyone, but it suits my small handwriting.
  4. Nearly Three Years of Pen Reviews (April 2012): This was a couple years ago, but my process of writing pen reviews hasn't changed.
  5. Homemade Pencil/Pen Cases (August 2010): My mom made me these pen cases and I still use them every day.
  6. Pentel EnerGel Needle Tip 0.5mm Blue (June 2010): The EnerGel is another favourite pen, and the 0.5mm in this post was the version I started with.
  7. PaperMate InkJoy 700 RT 1.0mm (May 2012): Not exactly a joyous pen, but one of my more popular pen reviews.
  8. Worst Five Pens (July 2010): And here's five more pens that definitely weren't among my favourites.
  9. Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen (July 2011): Similar to the Preppy, but mini and cute.  Sadly, the dark green is no longer available.
  10. Uni-ball Signo RT 0.38mm Lavender Black (November 2009): This one's like the Signo DX, but retractable.  And lavender black is awesome!

In July of this year, A Penchant for Paper will be five years old.  As part of the celebration, I'll be delving into this blog's archives and sharing with you some of the best posts from the past five years (with a focus on older posts that newer readers might not have seen).


  1. Thanks for rerunning older posts! Lots of good reviews buried in here that I will look forward to your digging up for those of us who started reading recently. I really enjoy your blog!

    - Tina

    1. Thanks, Tina! I'm glad you've found some new things to read here. And I also like these "from the archives" posts because they give me a chance to catch up on some other tasks instead of writing new posts :)

    2. I love your blog, and it is remarkable how similar your story is to mine. I thought the pen addict was crazy as well, but then I started my own. I am not nearly as far as you, but I am very excited.

    3. Thanks, PJ_Pens! And good luck with your new blog!


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