Friday, January 31, 2014

January Miscellany: Achievements, Highlighters, Writing

The first miscellany of 2014!  Fittingly, this is also my favourite miscellany in quite a while.  All of these posts are ones I really love, so you should definitely take the time to visit and read them.  Enjoy!
  • iHanna shares her reasons why you should write a list of achievements at the end of the year.  I wrote a list of my achievements for both 2012 and 2013, and it's part of the yearly review that I do at the end of December.  Making the list feels good, and helps me to see that even when I thought I wasn't getting much done, I really was doing things.
  • Millie shares the contents of her pencil case.  I love posts like these and I especially love how she describes the reason why each item is in her case and how she uses it.
  • Mary Ann Moss re-reads and reflects on her old journals.  This is an interesting post, especially since I've recently re-read some of my old journals and realized that most of them were either boring or very negative.  I've started to think more about keeping a journal for my future self, not just for the present.
  • Ana reviews the Stubby Pencil Studio pencil highlighters.  For some reason, I also love the idea of pencil highlighters (although sadly I haven't yet used any), and these ones look really neat.
  • If you're still figuring out your planner for 2014, you should check out iHanna's tutorials on how to make transparent calendar dividers (you know, the plastic part that says "today" or "now" on it and that you mark the current day/week/month in your planner with) and index tab dividers.  You could use these in your DIY planner or to customize a purchased ring-bound planner.  (And also check out this peek into Hanna's own DIY planner!)
  • I love Ingrid's collage video.  It's been around a while, but it's a great video if you like watching people create art.  I also like how she uses leftover sticker sheets in her collage and how she labels each item before she glues it down.  And I like the music.
  • Azizah reviews the Uni-ball Jetstream colour series 0.7mm ballpoint pens.  For me, the Jetstream is still the best ballpoint around.  And these ones come in lots of fun colours!
  • Finally, Marisa writes about how writing by hand can help us become better writers.  As a writer myself, I fully agree with this.  Whenever I am stuck in my writing, usually nothing works better than taking out a pen and a notebook and writing that way for a while.  (And as an aside, I've also read all but one of the books that she mentions at the end of her post, and I'd definitely recommend both A Scanner Darkly and The Giver if you like science fiction-y kinds of books.)

That's all for now!  Next month I'll be revisiting my 2014 DIY planner / Bullet Journal, so stay tuned for that.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my pencil case post :)

  2. Thanks for the mention :D Off to check out the other posts I missed :)


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