Friday, February 28, 2014

February Miscellany: Mandalas, Inks, Ideas

February is a short month.  It's also my birthday month.  I'm not sure if it's because of either of those things, but I never seem to get much done in February.  So I'm rather glad to see the end of this month.  Luckily, as unproductive as I was, I still have links:

  • Shangching shares her stationery travel kit.  I often share links to travel kits like these because I always love seeing them.  I think they're a good reflection of the basic supplies that someone uses regularly (and they also make me want to travel more!).  I like everything in Shangching's kit.
  • No Pen Intended reviews the Daycraft bRead Notebook in white, wheat, and whole wheat.  These notebooks are awesome (they remind me of Daycraft's Juicy notebook, which I reviewed here a while back, and also their Cookie Bookie notebook, which I haven't tried).  And the photos are hilarious!
  • If you like drawing mandalas, you should check out this video of a truly epic mandala being created.  The video makes it look effortless, but the artist actually worked on it for over 30 hours.  I also find it interesting how he uses templates, compasses, and rulers to create perfect circles and straight lines, since I usually draw my mandalas freehand (though mine are not quite in this class!).
  • Here's a couple of fountain pen inks I might have to try: Franklin-Christoph Olde Emerald (reviewed by Azizah) and Diamine Ancient Copper (reviewed by Ed Jelley).  Olde Emerald reminds me of Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün, while Ancient Copper is a gorgeous colour that doesn't look like any other ink I've seen.
  • I love this idea of a seed book to collect ideas.  I'm not too good at recording my ideas, and as a result I end up forgetting many of them before they ever become anything.  I need to start one of these, and I think I even own a partially-filled small Quo Vadis Habana notebook that would be perfect as a seed book...
  • Bob shares his list of budget fountain pens.  I have no interest in expensive pens (partly because I can't afford them and likely won't be able to any time soon, and partly because there are so many less expensive pens that probably write just as nicely, even if they don't look as fancy), so I think this list is great.  And now I've got my eye on the Pilot Plumix - looks like an affordable way to find out what writing with an italic nib is like.
  • Finally, Jono shares his tips for preventing hand fatigue during long writing sessions.  I could have used these back in university, when I spend hours a day copying notes.  I would also add regular practice to his list.  If you write for an hour or so everyday, you'll be better prepared for a long written exam than if you didn't do any handwriting before the exam.  And it also helps to take short breaks during the exam (or other long writing session) to stretch your arm, hand, and fingers.

That's all for February.  I'll have new posts and reviews in March, including reviews of a kind of pencil I've never used before and a multi-pen - I haven't reviewed one of those in ages!


  1. Hi Heather,
    Thank you for sharing my link! I am glad that you find it interesting. It has always been a struggle for me when I need to put together a travel kit because I have tendency to overpack, though in reality I want to pack as light as possible. Contradictory thought, isn't it? Good thing is that I have managed to use most supplies that I bring with me.

    1. I think that's always the struggle, isn't it? Pack enough so that you have everything you need, but don't pack too much. Since you say that you used most of the supplies you brought, I think that sounds like you were successful with your packing!

    2. It is more of I consciously reminded myself that all the supplies need to be used; otherwise, I am just carrying a dead weight around ;)

  2. Heather - Thanks for the link love. Send me your address to the email on my blog contact page and I'll get a Plumix to you in the mail.


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