Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From the Archives: Notebooks

I don't write as much about notebooks as I do about pens, partly because I simply don't use as many of them.  It's normal for me to have 20 or 30 or so pens in rotation at a time, but 20 or 30 notebooks?  That would be ridiculous!  Also, notebooks tend to be a bit more expensive than pens, good notebooks are harder to find in local stores, and notebook reviews seem to take longer to write than pen reviews (although I'm not sure why...).

Here are some of my best notebook posts:
  1. Rite in the Rain Notebook (March 2010): One of the first notebooks I reviewed, and one that went with me on all of my field trips in university.
  2. What to do with a new notebook? (December 2009): This is always an important question whenever I buy a new notebook.  Sometimes I will let a notebook wait for years until I find the right use for it.
  3. Banditapple Carnet Notebook (August 2011): This is probably the best pocket-sized notebook that I've used.
  4. Plain, Lined, or Graph? (January 2011): Definitely graph for me - and preferably dot grid, an option that I hadn't even tried yet when I wrote this post.
  5. Which Size of Notebook Do You Prefer? (March 2011): I used to use small notebooks (A6 size), but now I'm more comfortable with A5 (5 1/2 by 8 1/4 inches) for my daily journal/planner.
  6. Rhodia No.11 Pad (July 2011): These are classics, and they come in lots of different sizes, though I've only used the small ones.
  7. The Battle of the Pocket Notebooks: Moleskine Volant vs. Rhodia (November 2010): Unsurprisingly, Rhodia was the winner here, but the Volants were actually the notebooks that I ended up using more.  Odd how that worked out...
  8. Notebook Pockets - Do You Use Them? (August 2011): Now that I've switched to a bound journal for my DIY planner, I actually have started to use the pocket in my notebook a bit!
  9. My Notebook System (March 2012): This was kind of crazy...  Luckily I've been able to pare down the number of notebooks I use since I wrote this post.
  10. Rhodia Webnotebook Dot Grid (July 2011): My favourite notebook.

In July of this year, A Penchant for Paper will be five years old.  As part of the celebration, I'll be delving into this blog's archives and sharing with you some of the best posts from the past five years (with a focus on older posts that newer readers might not have seen).

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