Thursday, March 20, 2014

From the Archives: Pencils

I'm still relatively new to pencils - especially wooden pencils, which I have only recently rediscovered after ignoring them for many years.  Sometimes I feel a bit nervous about sharing my pencil reviews, because there is still a lot I don't know about pencils.  But I didn't know much about pens either when I started this blog.  I've learned a lot through keeping this blog, and I continue to learn.  Pencils (along with bottled fountain pen inks) are the new area I've been exploring more recently.  Because of that, my list of top posts on pencils contains several relatively newer posts:

  1. Pencils Lost and Found (June 2010): This is where I started to rediscover wooden pencils - picking up discarded pencils in the next-door schoolyard.
  2. Pencil Review: Dixon No.2/HB (+ first thoughts on using a wooden pencil) (August 2012): My first pencil review.  Not the most amazing pencil, but one I will remember fondly as the pencil that helped me get back to using wooden pencils.
  3. More Lost and Found Pencils and Pens (August 2011): Yeah, more of this.  I can never resist a poor abandoned pencil lying helplessly on the ground.
  4. Pencil Review: Staedtler Mars Lumograph (October 2012): Another review!  The Lumograph is one of my favourites.
  5. Rhodia Pencil (June 2013): I was unimpressed with this pencil, but it looks cool.  And matches my Rhodia notebooks.
  6. Laurentien Coloured Pencils (April 2013): A favourite from my childhood.
  7. My Growing Wooden Pencil Collection (October 2013): I seem to collect wooden pencils more than I actually use them.  I just like having them around.
  8. Pen or Pencil? (May 2010): Which one do you prefer?  I like them both, of course, although my tastes have evolved a lot since I wrote this post.
  9. The Great Eraser Review: Pentel Hi-Polymer, Staedtler Mars Plastic, and Staples Brand Erasers (July 2012): If you use pencils, you need erasers too.  I'm certainly not an expert on erasers, but the Hi-Polymer and Mars Plastic are both good choices.
  10. Pencil Review: Faber-Castell Castell 9000 4H (September 2013): I like this pencil even though it's in a hard grade that I don't have many uses for.

In July of this year, A Penchant for Paper will be five years old.  As part of the celebration, I'll be delving into this blog's archives and sharing with you some of the best posts from the past five years (with a focus on older posts that newer readers might not have seen).

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