Wednesday, May 28, 2014

From the Archives: Productivity

Productivity is a topic I find fascinating.  I love thinking about how I can be better at getting things done and planning my days.  I don't follow any particular productivity "system" but borrow ideas from here and there to create a unique system that is suited to my needs.  Of course, it's always a work in progress and often I have found that there is a tricky balance to achieve.  The system itself needs to stay in the background enough so that I don't become obsessed with it and use the planning process itself as a way of procrastinating about the more important things that I need to do.  Getting things done can sometimes be a challenge, but somehow procrastination is always far too easy...

My posts on productivity tend to be among my more popular posts, so here are the best of them from the last 5 years:
  1. The Joys & Challenges of To-Do Lists (April 2013): I love lists, and while making a to-do list doesn't automatically make me more productive, it does help.  I've simplified my methods a bit since I wrote this post, but these are still the basics of how I use to-do lists.
  2. My DIY Planner (June 2011): This is my original post on my DIY planner (and one of the most viewed posts on my blog!).  I'm no longer using this system or this binder, but this is where it all began...
  3. My Productivity System (January 2013): My original post on my productivity system.  Again, I've made a few changes to it since then (I no longer write mission and vision statements or set 5-year goals, for example), but these are still the basics.
  4. Rethinking the DIY Planner for 2014 (November 2013): In which I contemplate some major changes to my planner system (which I did end up adopting - see #7).
  5. Creating & Using a Blogging Schedule (March 2013): I've been using this method since mid-2012 and, as I said in the post, it really does make blogging much easier for me than it was before.  Now if only I could manage to maintain a schedule on my other blog...
  6. My DIY Planner Revisited (December 2012): Yet another post chronicling the evolution of my DIY planner.  This is also a good example of what my basic productivity system (#3) looks like in practice.
  7. Update: 2014 DIY Planner / Bullet Journal (February 2014): My new DIY planner!  It may look a lot different from the old one, but it is still based on the same system.
  8. My System (September 2010): This was the system I used in university, when I wanted to keep my lecture notes and planning system together in one binder (while minimizing bulk and weight).  It was very simple, but it worked well for me.
  9. A Post on Planners, Part One and Part Two (January 2010): These were the planners I was using before the one in #8.  Using two planners at once seems rather crazy to me now, but I guess it worked at the time!
  10. Clean Your Desk, Clear Your Mind? (February 2012): Having a clean desk surface helps me to be more productive - even though it's a goal that I can never maintain for long.

In July of this year, A Penchant for Paper will be five years old. As part of the celebration, I'll be delving into this blog's archives and sharing with you some of the best posts from the past five years (with a focus on older posts that newer readers might not have seen).

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  1. I looked at my comment beneath your "Clean your desk . . . ' post, and I'm sort of glad it seems to have held up. Sometimes I'll write something, look back at it, and wonder, "What the devil was I thinking". Jack/Ohio


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