Monday, June 23, 2014

Rhodia Ice

Ask me to name a favourite notebook or paper and I'll probably name something from Rhodia.  I've reviewed a few of their products here over the years, and I trust them to be well-made and have great paper that always performs beautifully.  The Rhodia Ice has recently been released in honour of Rhodia's 80th anniversary, and as soon as I saw this pad online, I knew I would have to own one.  Luckily, Sunny from Exaclair was kind enough to send one my way.

Like all the Rhodia pads I've reviewed, the Ice has a sturdy cover backed with cardboard to provide a firm writing surface.  The front cover is carefully scored in such a way to make it easy for you to fold it back (this attention to detail is one of the things I love about Rhodia).  The Ice differs from other Rhodia Pads in that it's cover is a cool white with silver lettering.  Although white isn't a colour I'm usually drawn towards, I find the Rhodia Ice surprisingly beautiful.  It has a crisp, clean, sophisticated, and minimalist feel, and it's definitely cooler than I am.  The silver lettering adds just the right touch to make the Ice feel a bit more luxurious than the traditional pads.  I love how well the Ice's colour scheme fits with Rhodia's overall aesthetic, even though it's not orange or black.  It's just different enough to be unique and interesting.

No. 13 Rhodia Ice with No. 12 black Rhodia dotPad and No. 11 orange Rhodia Pad.

Inside, the Rhodia Ice is filled with 80 sheets of 80 g/mpaper ("high grade vellum").  It's available in both graph and lined versions, and the lines are printed in a soft silvery grey, which I find a bit less intrusive than the violet lines of the traditional pads.  The paper itself is, of course, wonderful.  Most pens and inks will work well on this paper (for examples, just see any of my pen and ink reviews, since I write them all on Rhodia paper).  However, Rhodia paper is very smooth and less porous so some inks may take longer to dry, although that's not an issue for me.  Things like Sharpie markers do bleed through, but they do that on just about everything.  I love this paper because all of my pens glide over it and writing feels especially effortless and magical.

The pad I've reviewed here is the No. 13 (approximately 4 x 6 inches), which is a size I hadn't used before.  It's a nice size, not too big and too small - probably too large for your pocket, small enough to easily slip into a bag or desk drawer, and with enough space for some writing or a quick sketch.  The Rhodia Ice is not available in quite as many sizes as the traditional pads (details here).

Overall, I have nothing to complain about with the Rhodia Ice.  It's even more beautiful and eye-catching in person than it is in photos (especially my photos - white notebooks are hard to photograph!).  Personally, I would love to see these available in dot grid, but I'm happy with the graph version as well.  If you are looking for a some good quality paper, then Rhodia is always a great choice, and the Ice is a particularly attractive alternative to the traditional orange and black.  If you are already a fan of Rhodia, then you'll need to add one of these pads to your collection!

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  1. As I understand it, these Ice pads are limited edition, which is a shame because they'd be a great partner for the Webbie. I've yet to purchase a Rhodia bt I'm intrigued by them and can see myself buying one lined pad in the future.

    1. Yes, buy Rhodia! They're at the top of my list for notepads I'd recommend. The regular orange and black pads are excellent as well, even if you don't get the Ice.


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