Friday, July 18, 2014

A Collage a Week in 2014

2014 is over half gone, which means that it is well past time for me to share with you the project that I have been quietly working on since the beginning of the year - to create a collage for every week of 2014.  Some of you may recall that last year I shared several links to iHanna's 365in2013 project to create a collage for every day of the year.  I felt inspired by her project and wanted to adopt a similar practice for myself in 2014.  I knew, however, that creating a collage for every day would not be a realistic goal for me, so instead I decided to set the goal of creating a collage for every week - 52 collages in a year.

I create each of my collages on a 5½ by 5½ inch piece of cardstock (a good size that is not intimidating, but offers more space than the index cards I have worked on in the past).  I make my collages with scrapbooking papers, old greeting cards, graph paper, wrapping paper, origami paper, stickers, ephemera, and any other bits and pieces I come across.  I have been accumulating a lot of papers lately, so this project has been a good opportunity to use up some of my collection.  I try to keep my pen work on each collage to a minimum, as I want to focus on my collage skills.

Although I find myself generally more interested in sketching now rather than in keeping a full-blown "art journal", I still have a love for collage and I've been enjoying working on it in a non-journal format.  However, probably any new project requires some sacrifice of time from other projects, and so I have not been spending nearly as much time in my sketchbook or art journal this year.  I am okay with that, as I know that this project has a time limit and that I will be able to return to sketching and journaling next year.

Although I have made a collage for every week of the year so far, I do not actually create a collage every week.  I would like to do that, but inevitably I forget or procrastinate about it or just simply don't have the time, and so I get a few weeks behind.  And then in other weeks I will get caught up by completing several collages in one sitting.  Each collage does not take very long to make, so this is not difficult to do.

When I started this project, I didn't know whether I would be able to maintain it throughout the year (which is why I didn't blog about it until now), but now that I am over six months into it, I am fairly sure that I will be able to achieve my goal of creating a collage for every week.

This last photo shows the space I have created in my library to work on my collages.  The table is actually my small dining table (waiting for the day when I have my own kitchen and dining area so that it can serve its intended purpose), but it also works well for this.  I line up my collage materials and pencil cases filled with supplies along the back of the table.  It is far more convenient to have these supplies out and readily available rather than stuffed into my desk drawer, and being able to see them every day encourages me to work on my collages more often.  I also keep my most recent collages displayed against the wall where they can inspire me.  I have long wanted a dedicated art space in my library (along with my writing/computer desk), and I am happy that I now finally have one.

Have you ever done a similar yearly (or monthly) project?


  1. Congrats on this wonderful project, Heather! Are you planning to bind them together when all 52 are complete? Or will they stay as standalone pieces? Several years ago when I was still doing beadwork, I decided I would make a small beadwork piece every day for one year, ending on my 50th birthday (see it at the top of the page here: . Making the beadwork pieces themselves was a realistic yet challenging goal, and I achieved it. But then it took me almost another year to figure out how to mount and display them! And my only regret was that I didn't have this figured out BEFORE I made the pieces, because if I had, the mounting would have taken far less time. Anyway, I would love to see more of your weekly collages on your blog!

    - Tina

    1. Thank you, Tina! I honestly haven't given much thought yet as to what I'll do with them when I'm done. My focus so far has been more on the process rather than on the finished product. That said, I probably won't bind them together. Maybe I'll find a nice box to store them in?

      Your beadwork challenge sounds impressive, especially since I've found even the very small and simple beading projects I've done to be rather finicky!

      I'll try to get around to sharing a few more of my collages before the end of the year!


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