Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PaperMate Visibility 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil

Another short review for you, this time of the PaperMate Visibility mechanical pencil.  As uncool as it may be to admit that I like a cheap mechanical pencil in these days when most pen bloggers seem to be reviewing fancy fountain pens, I do like this cheap mechanical pencil.  It probably helps that I have a soft spot for mechanical pencils because I've been using them longer and more consistently than I have anything else currently in my desk.

Cheap mechanical pencils tend to not have a lot of variation in body style, and the Visibility is no exception.  I do like that it has a grip, though I wouldn't trust that plastic clip too far.  There's no cap on the eraser, which is fine, as those things tend to get lost anyway.  I love that these pencils come in bright colours (green and orange are my favourites).  Bright colours make me happy.  I think this would be a good pencil to have on hand in case I needed to lend it to someone (if they didn't give it back, I wouldn't be devastated) or to include as part of my minimalist travel kit (again, no worries if it gets a bit banged up while travelling).  I could also see these as being a good choice for children (bright colours and lightweight).

I usually prefer 0.5mm pencils, but 0.7mm really isn't that bad.  I'm even starting to like how the 0.7mm lead makes my everyday messy handwriting look just a tiny bit more expressive.  (I still, however, find it hard to believe that my mechanical pencil of choice used to be a 0.9mm.)

Overall, the PaperMate Visibility is not an amazing pencil, but a decent option if you're looking for something cheap, simple, and colourful.  It might not be cool to admit that I like it, but I've never been cool in my life and I doubt that I'll start now.

What basic, cheap supplies are you fond of?


  1. What I like about cheap mechanical pencils is . . . they're cheap. I don't buy them; I'll find them on the ground, or elsewhere where it's clear they've been abandoned. Toss a few in the glove box, give them to someone who's without a pencil, then pitch them when the lead is exhausted (I have one or two better-made exceptions that I've kept.)

    For writing rough drafts, I'm pretty much okay with bulk-pack legal pads, the perforated kind for a clean tear-off, in the longer 14" length, which is getting harder to find.


  2. I LOVE mechanical pencils! I buy the cheap ones too. I bought some nice ones for my son to take to school and he lost all of them by the end of the month...sooo, cheap ones for him from now on! Did I say he is a teenager or did you guess that? Thanks for your update. I buy a pack and whatever colors he deems unboyish, I take. Love how that works out:)

  3. Hi Heather!

    Thanks for your post :-) Now I am looking for a 0.7mm pencil. I wonder how it could be for quick notes.

    About cheap supplies well… although I’m fond of those fancy felt tip pens from Germany or Japan, I really like cheap fountain pens like the Platinum Preppy: somehow I love the sound when I scratch the paper. :-)


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