Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best of A Penchant for Paper 2014

Here my top 10 blog posts of the year, the posts that I think express the best of A Penchant for Paper and what this blog is about.  While this wasn't my best year of blogging, I celebrated the 5-year anniversary of this blog this year and published several posts that I think I will be proud of for years to come.

  1. 10 Ways to Use Your Pens and Write by Hand More Often - This was a post that I was thinking about writing for literally years.  I was excited and proud of myself for finally getting it done and published!
  2. Minimalist Travel Kit - The basic supplies that I bring with me while travelling.
  3. Favourite Supplies for Writing - Just what the title says.  It's a short list, though, as I believe the emphasis should be on the act of writing rather than on the tools I use.
  4. Update: My 2014 DIY Planner / Bullet Journal - This got me excited about planning and productivity through the first half of the year, although I'm no longer using this system now.
  5. A Collage a Week in 2014 - This was my main creative project this year.  I've enjoyed it, even though I've been very behind with it in the last few months.  And, for those of you who've asked to see more of my collages, I will be doing a follow-up post on this in January.
  6. Recent Acquisitions: A Bit of Vintage - This post might represent the beginning of a new facet of this blog, as I would like to collect more vintage office supplies and related items (and blog about them).  We'll just have to see what happens in 2015...
  7. Rhodia Ice - I always enjoy reviewing Rhodia products, because their paper is always so enjoyable to use.  However, the white colour of this pad made it difficult to photograph!
  8. Pencil Review: Tombow MONO Drawing Pencil Set - This was a fun review as I got to fill a page spread in my sketchbook with sketches using the different pencils (the most sketching I did all year).
  9. My Favourite Fountain Pen Inks - I enjoyed trying different fountain pen ink samples in 2013 and 2014 and this post sums up my favourites.  I need to try out more inks...
  10. Shades of Tan - I loved the colours of this post, and I always enjoy compiling my "shades of" posts.

And the most popular posts of the year were:
  1. 10 Ways to Use Your Pens and Write By Hand More Often
  2. My Greatest Productivity Challenge
  3. Update: My 2014 DIY Planner / Bullet Journal
  4. My Favourite Fountain Pen Inks
  5. Favourite Supplies for Writing
  6. Minimalist Travel Kit
  7. How Do You Clip Your Pens?
  8. January 2014 Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper
  9. Shades of Aqua
  10. Pencil Review: Faber-Castell PITT Charcoal Pencil

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