Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pencil Review: Dixon Ticonderoga Tri-Write HB

I can't resist triangular pencils.  Make any pencil a triangular shape and it automatically looks much more interesting and special to me.  For example, consider this Dixon Ticonderoga Tri-Write.  It looks almost identical to the ordinary Dixon Ticonderoga, except for the triangular shape.  Because of that, I grabbed these pencils as soon as I saw them and put them at the front of my "to be reviewed" lineup, because of course they must be special pencils.

To be honest though, I don't find triangular pencils as comfortable to write with as hexagonal or round pencils.  I'm always shifting the pencil around in my hand, trying to get its three sides into perfect alignment with my fingers.  Like the grip of the Lamy Safari fountain pen, triangular pencils probably work best for only certain ways of holding your pencil (or pen).  But they do stand out from all of my other round and hexagonal shaped pencils and pens, and - when I get them aligned just right - they're not that bad to write with either.

So what about the Tri-Write?  Well, I like the colour scheme of Ticonderogas in general.  They're a slightly yellower shade than the typical orange/yellow pencils, and I love the green and yellow ferrule.  The finish on the Tri-Write appears to be okay but not amazing; on mine, the paint is chipping a bit around the ferrule.  That doesn't bother me, and small imperfections like that are actually something that I rather like in pencils.  They make each pencil a little bit different.

I prefer pencils that write with relatively dark lead.  For me, the Tri-Write is not quite dark enough, but I think it would be acceptable for most people.  The eraser performed better than I expected, as it erased quite cleanly.  The pencils also sharpened well to a fine point.  It's a good basic writing pencil.

If you like Ticonderogas, then you'll probably like the Ticonderoga Tri-Write, though I would not recommend buying an entire set of these pencils unless you're sure that you will be comfortable with the triangular shape.  Speaking of that shape, I love how it gives a slight twist to an otherwise ordinary, everyday pencil to make it more interesting.  It's different, but in a subtle way.  Overall, the Tri-Write is not the most amazing pencil I've ever used, but one I find myself becoming rather fond of nonetheless.


  1. I haven’t seen that brand however I have some experience with triangular writing pens. Some time ago I bought a Staedtler Triplus Mobile Office kit. I did it out of curiosity but I instantly became fond of them. Their shapes were made me easy to write and I think it helped me to change my handwriting.

  2. I have been checking out your blog recently and it gives me immense hope for starting my own journals (with the limited time I have). Very well laid out and worked upon, your blog is beautiful.
    I noticed you stated (and at quite some blogs about the pencils you guys get there, that you prefer dark leads.
    In India, most of the pencils are dark. Infact, most writing pencils also would fit in the 2B range. Brands like apsara and nataraj are good for people who aim at darkness in the leads. I am sure they must be available online somewhere (though, conversely, I do see a dearth of 'non-Indian' pencils in Mumbai, India, and I am trying to get my hands on some good pencils from around the world. Lets see how it goes).

    Yes, if possible, please do visit my page if you do get the time.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words about my blog! I wish you luck with your own blog.

      Interesting about the pencils in India; it sounds like I would like lots of the pencils available there :)


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