Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Weekly Creative Projects: 2014 Collages & 2015 Mandalas

Last year (2014) I set myself the task of completing one collage for every week of the year.  I wanted both to explore the medium of collage more deeply and also to see if I could actually complete the project.

A handful of my weekly collages from 2014.

Well, I was successful.  While I did fall far behind in October and November, in the last few weeks of the year I was able to get caught up fairly easily with only a few collage-creating sessions.  And now that my year of collage is a couple of months behind me, I'm very happy with the collages that I created.  I feel that I have established my own style of collage, rather than simply copying what I have seen others do.  Although a while back I thought I was done with collage, last year reminded me that selecting, cutting, and gluing papers are activities that I will probably always love.

Two of my 2014 weekly collages, "Lost" and "Deepen World", created with old maps, scrapbooking paper, magazine cut-outs, stickers, and even an old collage that I incorporated into the new one.

Since I was successful with my collage challenge in 2014, I decided to adopt a new challenge for 2015 - I will draw a mandala on an index card for every week of the year.  I used to draw mandalas fairly often, but I've neglected them in recent years, so I think it's time to get back to them.  Why index cards?  Well, mostly because they're a convenient small size and I have stacks of them that I wasn't using otherwise.  I hope that this project will also help me to use up some of my old pens (though my collage project was not very helpful in using up my stacks of paper scraps!).

A few of my first weekly collages from 2015.

So far, I've loved drawing mandalas again, and I think that it may be an easier project to stay caught up with than the collages.  The most time-consuming part of creating the collages was sorting through my paper scraps to find ones that I wanted to use, which I won't need to do anymore.  I've placed all the pens that I plan to use (including Gelly Rolls, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, Sharpies, and many more) in one box so it's very simple for me to sit down and start creating a mandala right away.

Collage in progress.

I've been staying about a week ahead with my mandalas, which is good, as I'm sure I'll fall behind as the year goes by.

Have you ever done or considered a weekly or daily project like this?  If so, what was it?


  1. Good to see you back -- you've been missed here! Both the collages and the mandalas are wonderful! I wish I could see all 52 collages. How about posting all the mandalas as you finish them? I've done a few daily/weekly type projects. Most recently in 2014, I drew every day. No criteria or requirements -- just draw every day. I kept it wide open to increase the chance of success, and I made it. 😊

    - Tina

    1. Thanks, Tina! I'm glad to be back :) I'm not sure about posting all the mandalas (I don't want to flood my blog feed with mandala posts), but I will try to share more of them than I did of the collages. I would love to do a drawing-a-day challenge someday - maybe if I'm successful with this year's challenge I'll try something similar in 2016... And congratulations on being successful with your daily drawings!

  2. I've done a good number of daily projects and in 2013 a 365-project on top of that. The goal was 365 collaged cards rather than one-a-day and I liked having that flexibility of making a bunch at a time and then none for a few days. The pure wonderfulness of this kind of project is indeed that vast space {the full year} to explore one topic and take it on as many tangents as you wish. Best wishes with your mandala project!


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