Monday, November 16, 2015

In Praise of my Completed Rhodia Notepad

Last Tuesday I used the last page of my trusty Rhodia No. 11 notepad.  I bought this notepad way back in October of 2009 at my university bookstore, and I only ever used it for writing reviews for this blog.  Most of the writing samples that you see in my reviews were written in that notepad.  The first pen I ever reviewed with it was the Uni-ball Fusion and the last pen I reviewed with it was not a pen at all, but a pencil, the PaperMate SharpWriter.  That in itself tells a story, for when I bought this notepad, I hardly ever thought about pencils at all, and now I'm a pencil collector.  Six years is a long time for a blog, or a notepad.  I find it hard to believe that a tiny notepad lasted that long, and almost as hard to believe that I'm still blogging here.

Now, I'm going to put all the used torn-off pages of my Rhodia No. 11 notepad back inside the empty cover, wrap an elastic band around it to hold it all together, and file the notepad away with all of my other completed notebooks.  I'll be writing my reviews now in my Rhodia No. 12 dotPad.  This notepad isn't new; I've been using it since June of 2013, when I used it to review the Rhodia Pencil.  It's different, though.  It's a bit larger, and it has a black cover instead of an orange cover, and grey dots instead of violet grid lines.  Reviews are not going to look quite the same.

To my beloved Rhodia No. 11 notepad, thank you for all the years you've worked with me on this blog.  Together, we've seen a lot of different pens, so many that I worry a bit about us sometimes.  I could always count on you to perform beautifully with every pen or pencil I used with you.  With your smooth writing surface, you made even mediocre pens write a little bit better, and your grid lines helped me to keep my writing in line.  I'll miss you, but I'm sure your dot grid cousin will perform just as faithfully, and I'm already looking forward to the next 6 years.


  1. what a lovely post (and tribute) to your Rhodia notepad! i would love to see it with all the pages rubber-banded back into it. well done to the notebook and to YOU for 6 years of reviews and blogging. thank you :)

  2. Many bloggers show a new pad with a page or two used, but we rarely see the empty pad! I like your focus on writing instruments of the "common woman" rather than the trendy or wealthy. I've enjoyed all of the reviews I've read and look forward to more. One question: If you intended to keep all the pages (as you clearly did), why do you prefer a pad rather than a bound book? Just curious.


    1. In retrospect, I suppose it would have made more sense to use a bound book. However, I bought this pad in the early days of this blog, when I didn't know what I was doing as well as I do now, and I don't think I foresaw that I would use it for as many reviews as I did. Also, I bought it at my university bookstore, where they didn't have a wide selection of Rhodia; I ended up with this one because this was my first experience with Rhodia and I wanted something simple and inexpensive to start with. And once I started, I just continued using this notepad for my reviews!

      The notepad can be convenient, though, as I can rearrange the loose pages and compare inks with each other in a way I could not do with a bound book.

  3. Great review and great tribute to a trusty partner. I too like to date things and it's a constant reminder of how fast life goes by. I'm currently on a box of staples that I opened in 2007, I don't staple much :).....Keep up the good work!


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