Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Recent Acquisitions: Vintage Ink Bottles

Over the course of the year I have been building a small collection of vintage ink bottles that I have found at garage sales, antique stores, and thrift stores.  I am not a big collector of vintage items, but I do love old things because they are often of a higher quality than things made today and have much more character.  Ink bottles are also a good thing to collect because they are small and easy to display.  I am trying to be more minimalist and own fewer things, so I didn't want to start collecting something that would take up a lot of space.

Left to tight: Waterman's Ink Tropic Green, Peerless Blue Black Ink, and Sheaffer Skrip Writing Fluid #32 Permanent Reproduction Jet Black.

Ink bottles don't seem to be that hard to find.  I have seen them often at antique stores and swap meets.  I am collecting the bottles that still have their original labels and contain some of their original ink (whether it is dried up or still usable).  I often see ink bottles that have no labels and that have been cleaned of any ink residue, but these do not interest me.  Each of my bottles cost me only a few dollars (or less) each.

Each of these ink bottles has something about it that I love.  The Peerless Blue Black has the most detailed bottle.  The Sheaffer Skrip came in its original box and the bottle contains a built-in inkwell for refilling your pen (you can see this inkwell on the top left side of the Sheaffer bottle in the photos).  The Waterman's bottle has the most interesting shape, and is still nearly full of ink (and the ink is green, my favourite colour!).  The ink appears to still be usable, but I haven't actually tried it out yet.  I am also fond of the Sheaffer and the Waterman's because they are both made in Canada.

Vintage ink bottles and box.

Do you collect ink bottles or any other vintage items?  And if you know anything more about any of these ink bottles, please share!  I am still very new to vintage ink bottles and would love to learn more about them.

More vintage ink bottles: Pentorium, The Well-Appointed Desk.

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  1. I love your ink bottle collection! I'm trying not to collect too many things either, but I have a few old sewing-related things.



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